Ozone Generator Water Purifier

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Ozone Generator Water Purifier

Our integrated Ozone Generator Water Purifier system is unlike any other on the market today, and we are excited to add it to our already effective portable water purification system, to especially reduce toxins and other contaminants that might be found in questionable water sources needed to be used during and after a disaster, or when away from municipal water infrastructures.

Water has an atomic structure of O2 (two oxygen atoms), while Ozone gas has a structure of O3 (one more oxygen atom than in breathabe air).  In the air, Ozone is unhealthy to breathe, but when Ozone is mixed with water, it becomes one of the most powerful, but shortlived sterilyzers available. The Ozone Generator Water Purifier makes Ozone (O3) by applying 27,000 volts of DC power to ambient air in a controlled environment.  When Oxygen atoms are forced into this high voltage chaos, the O2 molocules transform into O3 molocules, for about 30 minutes.  Besides making contaminated water potable, Ozone has the ability to make a powerful sterilization liquid for sterilyzing surfaces, food items (like fruit, vegitables, meats, etc), and for washing hands or wounds without soap, or other disinfectants.  This is especially important during and after disasters.

Our motive for developing our Ozone Generator was initiated when our home community's water supply was stopped because of a cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) ourbreak in the municipal water source, causing an unsafe, toxic water source.  The City leadership posted a "Do NOT Drink the Water" order, advising the public to NOT consume ANY water from the contaminated sources, and to especially avoid boiling water for drinking, because boiling water with toxins merely concentrates the toxins in the boiled water.  

The only reliable method of purifying water that's been made toxic with Cyanobacteria (or heavy metals) is to process the water with Ozone Gas, infused into the water.  Water that's been infused with Ozone is called Ozonated Water.  Ozonated Water not only oxidizes and emulsifies organic and inorganic contaminates 3,000 times faster than chlorine, but it also leaves no longterm aftertaste or smell.  Ozonated water destroys organic matter and inorganic matter in water, and then It emulsifies totally dissolved solids (TDS) so they can be filtered by your system.  Chlorine can take up to 60 minutes to work, but Ozone takes mere seconds to oxidize contaminates.  Chlorine cannot remove toxins, or totally dissolved solids. Only ozone has this ability!

When integrated into the H20 GrabNGo™ Water Purification System, the Ozone Generator Water Purifier gives another powerful layer of purification to your drinking water.   The process of reducing contaminates in water with Ozone, after integrated into our H20 GrabNGo™ system, takes only about 45 seconds to be effective.  There is no better system for purifying toxic water from contaminated sources.

DisasterPrep.Tech will integrate the Ozone Generator Water Purifier into the H20 GrabNGo™ Water Purification System when purchased, or it can be sold as a standalone unit, or it can be easily integrated by customers who first purchase the GrabNGo system.  All new H20 GrabNGo™ Water Purification Systems are now built with the integration components, for an easy integration at a later date.

(This ozone generator is only available as a stand alone unit at this time, until we perfect the full integration process. Until then, it can be used to purify toxins and contaminates in a separate water container (like a bucket), and then processed with the GrabNGo system.  We expect full integration by fall of 2022.  If purchased now, your system can be easily self installed (integrated) by our customers with an included, quick connect, free installation kit.)



Ozone Generator