Best Portable Water Filter Purifier

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Best Portable Water Filter Purifier 

The H20 GrabNGo™ System is the best, high production, water purification system on the market today.  No other system will do all that ours does. Affordable, Effective.  Efficient. Proven. The H20 GrabNGo™ System will process up to 60 gallons an hour, providing enough potable water for up to 500 people per day. It is battery operated and solar (plus 120v, Car battery and inverter) rechargeable.


Primary Features: The  The H20 GrabNGo™ System is a water purifier including 2-stage filtration and a powerful UVC light sterilizer, integrated into a 30L backpack. It processes up to 60 gallons an hour, providing emergency potable water for up to 500 people per day. 30L black python Backpack, pre-pump strainer, 40 psi water pump, 2-stage filter (.2micron ceramic, with carbon block core), 16-18w UVC sterilizing light (254nm), Li-Ion battery with protection circuit, includes 120vAC, and 12vDC Solar chargers, 2-USB accessory chargers, prewired for a pack heater for cold climates. 


DisasterPrep.Tech is a disaster preparedness company owned by US Military Veterans and Women.  Our business model involves making technology products that can help people survive a disaster.  Some of our products are made by us in Salem, Oregon, USA, or are sold by us as affiliates and authorized sellers of other products critical for survival under the worst possibe circumstances.


What sets us apart from other companies is our production and testing of products in life-like circumstances that mimics true disaster zones where possible.  All of our water tests, for example, have been done with water sources that have been contaminated and made infectious by homeless campers around public water supplies (creeks, lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers.)


We are also adding optional EMP shielding layers around our H20 GrabNGo™ System’s electronic components, if required.