Water Filter 2-stage Poly/Carbon

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Water Filter 2-stage Poly/Carbon

This proprietary 10"x2.5" water filter is a designed for maximum water flow, while removing pathogens smaller than .4 microns, and cleaning taste and color of drinking water.  This filter is perfect for whole house or under the counter residential water filtration systems.  It is also a great addition to systems that use UVC light water purification, like our H20 GrabNGo™ water purification system.


The Water Filter 2-Stage Poly/Carbon is the best filter to use with the H20 GrabNGo™ Water Purification system, when there is no turbidity or sediment, or color in the water being processed, if you need a high volume of drinking water production.


This Water Filter (2-Stage Poly/Carbon) is a proprietary design and is manufactured to our very strict specifications.   It is made from .4 micron spun polypropolene and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). We sell this filter as a whole house filter, or for RV units, or as a high volume water filter for systems like our H2O GrabNGo™ Water Purification System. It can produce over 60 gallons per hour, depending on the water clarity, and when the purifier is fully charged (The ceramic filter we provide with the H2O GrabNGo™ Water Purification System will produce an average of 45 gallons per hour, in comparison).


Certifications NSF is the most predominant certifying orgaization for products relating to health and sanitation. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is very influential in the monitoring of water treatment processes and equipment.  The NSF has developed a rating system to help manufacturers and customers understand the potential and limits of sanitation components, like water filters.  


However, the NSF (or any other group) does not evaluate water purification systems made for disaster or emergency preparedness, because the test environment and variables inherent in a disaster scenario cannot be standardized or results predicted. So, companies like ours which builds water purification systems and components rely on our ability to have component manufacturers make our parts to the exact standards of other non-disaster components.  Our components included in our water purification systems are built to the very high requirements of ANSI/NSF 42, 53, 401, and 55A/B.  Our component manufacturers do, however, qualify as companies capable of making NSF standards part of their manufacturing process.  They can be approved to make NSF quality components. even if those products do not carry a certification because of their use in a disaster environment.

This Water Filter (2-Stage Poly/Carbon) is specifically made to meet the NSF 42 standards for reducing/eliminating color, taste and other negative effects of contaminated water.  NSF 42 is the most common rating used from NSF, and in fact it does not qualify for a certification of NSF 53 (correcting health offects through filtration.  This filter is best used with a complete system, like our H2O GrabNGo™ Water Purification System, because the complete system includes a powerful UVC light sterilzer for removing harmful living pathogens, instead of relying solely on a filter to remove harmful pathogens.  Together, the system works well to remove or sufficiently reduce contaminants and pathogens from water that's processed for drinking water in a disaster.


Our company also spends time in our own laboratory proving that our systems and filters do what they are supposed to do.  Our lab work is very convincing that we have blended the right components and processes to provide systems that will save lives by sterilizing water for drinking from infected water sources.


 Water Filter 2-stage Poly/Carbon is best used with the H2O GrabNGo™ Water Purification System as designed.


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Size:  10' x 2.5"
Material:  Spun Polyethene and Granulated Carbon
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