Field Water Test Kit

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Field Water Test Kit

Field water test kit for testing and evaluating questionable water sources to process into drinkable water. Know your water!  


Knowing what's in your water will help you decide if that water source will be adequate to filter and purify for drinking, cooking and cleaning water.  For example, if the water looks fairly clean (no dirt or silt), and the test strips show no presence of bacteria, then you can choose which filter might be best for you.  With silt and bacteria present, you'll need to use a verfy good ceramic filter, with a UVC light to purifiy the water for drinking.  If it is fairly clear, then you can use a less restrictive filter for greater production flow per minute.  (The ceramic filters are more restrictive, so they produce less potable water per minute than a polypropolene filter.)


Another good use of the Field Water Test Kit for when you have portable filtration options like the Sawyer or Life Straws.  These small, pocket sized filters are good for a few gulps of drinking water while backpacking or hiking/hunting/fishing, etc.  We do NOT recommend these small filters for use with water that's highly questionable, or thought to be contaminated. 

A purification system like our H2O GrabNGo kit is preferred if you do not know whats in the water, because these systems eradicate contaminants and pathogens so well that you dont need to actually know whats in the water.  However, if you use our Field Water Test Kit, you will know if it is ok to drink from the source with a small filter like the Life Straw, without worry, or if you need to use a purification system.


This easy to use comprehensive test kit includes:

  • Pocket microscope 
  • Carrying case 
  • Concave Slides 
  • Pipettes 
  • Gloves 
  • Hand cleanser
  • Bacterial test strips 
  • Water quality test strips 
  • Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter 
  • Note pad 
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