Everyone needs clean water to live. During a disaster, if the municipal water infrastructure is disabled, people will be looking for safe water sources.  Rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, sloughs, even ditches and puddles will be used in desperate times.  Some of these sources, at first, may be ok to drink from, but, after a little time, if the water system is out, the sewer system will be too.  That means that there will soon be dangerous pathogens from human waste leeching/dumping into the existing water sources and aquafers. That water will need to be treated before drinking!

DiasterPrep.Tech manufactures the only portable, 12vDC, high volume, filtered and purified water production system available today. The H20 GrabNGo™ System and its accessories will make emergency potable water from almost any questionable water source, and do it in a quantity that satisfies the daily water needs for an individual, family, or even a small community.

Our H20 GrabNGo™ System is incredibly easy to use.  On the bottom of our home page, we show a video of two little girls using the system from start to finish, to make clean, potable water from a slough that has been a septic runoff for decades.  This depicts using the system at a questionable water source, just like you'll have to do in a disaster zone. They purified the water on video.  It is super easy!  

Our water purification system will reliably help you properly treat water in a disaster scenario, but it will also be useful for camping trips, hunting, fishing, or any other off-grid excursion, where water for yourselves and animals should be purified before using.